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The Law Society is responsible for governing the legal profession in the public interest according to Northwest Territories law and the Law Society’s rules, regulations, guidelines and Code of Professional Conduct. It is our responsibility to ensure that the people of the Northwest Territories are served by lawyers who meet high standards of competence, learning and professional conduct; and, to uphold the independence, integrity and honour of the legal profession.

To that end, the Law Society endeavors to ensure new lawyers are qualified to practice in the Northwest Territories through a thorough admissions screening;  review the practices of active members; provide advice to lawyers on ethical and legal issues; investigate and discipline lawyers who have violated the Rules of the Society; take action against those who illegally offer legal services or misrepresent themselves as lawyers; and more.


All members are required to read (or have read) the Legal Profession Act, Rules of the Law Society, Policy Manual and Directives, Code of Professional Conduct, and other regulatory publications.  The complete list of publications can be found under Acts, Rules & Policies.  Further recommended reading is found under Practice Advisories.


Notices of membership activity, including changes of status, suspensions, reinstatements and resignations, are found under Administrative Notices.  Disciplinary proceedings and any resulting membership notices, including suspensions and disbarments, are found under Discipline Proceedings & Notices.


Information on the Law Society's Professional Liability Policy and member obligations for filing claims is found under Professional Liability.


Lawyers practicing in the North without authorization will be investigated by the Law Society of the Northwest Territories.  Further information on mobility and the practice of law can be found under Lawyer Mobility (under the Membership tab) and Unauthorized Practice.